Kitesurfer Rookies


We all scan the surfers – for the best riders around. But now and again we have to be reminded that even the most hardcore ones started out as just rookies.

Rookies remind us how much effort that has to be put into just getting out of the water before the thrilling 10 meters of the first actual rides. It’s hard work.

Unfortunately most rookies don’t maintain the first go get mentality level. They kind of gets satisfied with reaching a low level of skills and hereafter stay in the safe zone of these skills – therefore stay mediocre at best!

Only few rooks keep momentum and accept that part of pushing the limits is that inevitable cold dives now and again. They see this as part of the game.

This Rookie wasn’t satisfied with the novice level – he showed the kind of dedication it takes to get great thrills out of any ride. Great to see that the passion and dedication is alive. I hope to be able to follow him in the seasons to come.

I hope to spot more dedicated rookies with the heart in the right place. When I do, I’ll share it with you.

If you are a rookie, ask your self when you last pushed the limits. You don’t answer to anybody but yourself – thats why you always should push hard forward!

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