Great Surf in Ericeira for the passionate

Redeira D'IIhas surfing and man the the waves

I’ve seen it again and again, people driven to make wonders in rewarding waves. But also seen the same waves crushing gear and dreams. But even though I can’t invade the waves any longer it still gives me thrills to be close to the ocean and action.
When the surf and surfing is just right so often you forget about safety and common sense – but not here – not in the surf of Ericeira! Because you know already from the beginning what to expect – the best… that’s if you’re patient and respectful enough.
Ericeira offers great surf from more than 12 great spots well fit for all kind of surfing and all within a 10-12 kilometre coastline from south of Ericeira to north of town. No wonder that this thrilling coastline now is announced world surfing reserve!
We kind of hang around Ribeira d’Ilhas a serious wonderful spot. Great on all levels.
The town is not yet overcrowded from tourism, but offer great accommodation for all wallets. But you know that you have arrived in an area that focus’ on the sea and surf. Shopping for gear is only tuff  because of the wide selection.
After reading this blog through you might think that the entire trip was sponsored. But the answer to that question is a big NO! We truly loved the spot.

If you have questions about the area and surfing, don’t hesitate to write us with your questions.

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