Speed surfing on Hudson River – Long Island – US!

windsurfer pushing speed

Yah right I wish!
At least it looks like some of the new areas on Long Island – I tried to surf on the Hudson River years back….that was memorable!
This is not Hudson and we are a long way from Long Island.
This guy was testing gear and speed – when 6 friends was clocking and doing the calculations. Although trimming was a little off he was relatively speedy, but no near anything but a personal record – but hey who cares anyway, the guys had a great time.
The picture is taken just south of Copenhagen, Denmark – only a few weeks back on one of those days where most stayed inside. But not this enthusiastic windsurfer and his calculating gang – they where game and enjoying every breath of wind.
I love to see when surfers jump out of the comfort zone. This gang were not doing this every weekend and either was the guy on the picture – his was banking new skills and pushed himself and his gear to the limit.
We where there too explore the conditions and on a sunny day the SUP would be a great choice, but today there is no hardheaded monsters out pushing the limits – but perhaps next time.
And after all the sea is for everybody – and for us on land to enjoy. So keep on surfing and stay loose all of you!

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