9,7K likes on Tunepics yesterday

Kitesurfer Kiteboarding

I’ve been on Tunepics for a while now. A great platform to promote the work I started doing. A month ago I posted one picture that gave 913 likes – which was 20 time more that ever before. Yesterday another picture – the brother of the one above – gave 9760 likes and it also gave me reason to carry on here.

The next month I’ll start to approach surfers that qualified to participate in competitions, because I want to improve my portfolio and give back to the passionate characters, so they can promote themselves even better (hopefully through my work)

In September the PWA Windsurf World Cup will swing by Denmark. I’ll definitely visit during that week and catch some windsurfers in action. I’m aiming  at the wave performance discipline, since this is properly the one I’m most familiar with.

Many cool surfers will participate, I particular hope to see some new comers to the circuit and the brave hearted young guns – I heard that they might come too.

Later this year I’ve been asked to exhibit 12 of my pictures somewhere in Copenhagen – that is by far the most scary thing since this is completely new to me. What to show…I’m not that good!

This is what my autumn is all about, how about you, are you going surfing? Wish I was!

Here you can see the other picture that gave a ton of likes.

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