Kitesurfing with an attitude

In windsurfing the first Table Top was huge and for months every jump was about how aggressive this stunt could be. The thing is that we back then thought that if we forced the move it might be possible to do the loop. Funny because today loops comes in many forms and none of them have anything to do with Robbie Naish and the Table Top as he did it back in the early 80’s! Attitude came with the level of aggressive stunts and if not before doing the first Killer Loop then hereafter people entered another league. It was all about taking a risk. All about practice, mistakes and the ability to learn from them. Actually the last part is probably the most difficult – because everything happens so quickly.

Today the attitude is still alive and kicking – but it’s the Kitesurfers that’s bringing new power to the table.

Kitesurfers comes just like windsurfers in many shapes and forms. There is still guys standing on the beach doing the talk. The passionate few that are out all day trying to push to the next level. But the Kitesurfers bring something else, perhaps because more enter kitesurfing than any other form of water sports, the gallery is a lot more divided but also more eager to take a risk because it’s doable.

Airtime is a lot easier, whilst getting the airrush is much more familiar to the boys with kite and board – in other words airtime is something you count in seconds. For some tens of seconds.

All this gives me time to capture great moments and bold moves. Pictures like this promote the sport and drive people to rush through the novice levels, getting ready to fly high.

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