I’m scouting for Surfers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers whom like me need to upgrade the portfolio (pictures) to get published perhaps even get the right sponsorships!

surfers having fun

Photography takes a lot of training too!

I feel so humble about photography because I have absolutely NO documented educational skills. I had a granddad who was into film back in the analogue days, a father that also have been into photography for many years. As I assume that I as many other kids, followed my Dad but was not really aloud to participate, until he one day decided that I was old enough enter the world of photography and got my own camera.

The true link between me and the camera have been a long and enduring road. But since I decided to reenter the favorite sports of mine now with a outdated DSLR and pretty awesome glas, things is starting to happen. Because i might still not know much about photography but I know a hole lot about surfing! I learned that great photography is not so much about all the technical stuff, but much more about knowing the sports!

Scott Kelby and Kelby One have created a mindset that I took on me to follow. I learned that Sports photographers are the most sloppy when it comes to great the picture needed. That kind of made me believe that I might have and chance. Especially because I know about all the moves on the water and now I’ve got a lens that actually can catch the kind of  photography I like and hope others can appreciate too.

But just like back in the days of windsurfing, when I practiced more than 4 hours a day, photography takes a lot of training and practise. Hence my shout out to you guys.

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