Introduction to some awesome characters and 2016 PWAworldtour contenders

windsurfer marcilio browne

PWAworld character


1st PWA event Leucate Freestyle Qualifier 2003

2016 5th Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, 5th Tenerife
2015 – 4th rank overall PWA Wave, 4th NoveNove Aloha Classic
2014 PWA Wave World Champion
2014 1st KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WORLD CUP , 1st Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup Men’s Jump, 2nd La Torche, 2nd Starboard Severne Aloha Classic
2013 ranked 4th overall PWA Wave
2012 ranked 6th overall PWA Wave
2012 1st place Kia Cold Hawaii Wave
2011 ranked 7th overall PWA Wave
2010 ranked 14th overall PWA Wave
2009 5th overall PWA Waves
2008 ranked 17th overall PWA Wave & 24th Freestyle
2007 ranked 6th Freestyle


GA Sails, Tabou Boards, Sooruz, All-in Sport Beach Company


Victorfaces (5 of 6) see more about Victor

2016 1st Tenerife, 1st Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival

2015 Wave Vice World Champion, 1st Place Tenerife, 2nd place Pozo Gran Canaria, 2nd KIA Cold Hawaii, 6th place NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic
2014 Wave Vice World Champion, 1st Gran Canaria PWA WAve, 2nd KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WORLD CUP, 5th La Torche, 4th Starboard Severne Aloha Classic
2013 ranked 3rd overall PWA Wave
2012 Wave Vice World Champion
2011 ranked 4th overall PWA Wave
2010 PWA Wave World Champion
2009 6th overall PWA Wave
2008 PWA Vice World Champion
2007 Wave Vice World Champion, Wave: 1st Guincho, 1st Pozo, 13th Cabo Verde, 4th Brazil.

Best results:
– 2009 Ranked 6th overall PWA Wave
– 1st NSP Soulfile Klittmoeller 2006
– 1st PWA Grand Slam Pozo Wave 2006
– 3rd Place Dahkla Windsurfing Challenge 2006
– 1st Red Bull Topocalma Infernal Chile 2005
– 1st Place Air Madagascar Windsurf Challenge 2005
– Multiple Spanish Champion 2005
– 5th Place Overall Wave PWA 2005
– 1st Place Sylt Wave PWA 2005
– 10th PWA Freestyle Ranking Final 2005
– 1st Pwa Expression Session Costa Brava 2004
– 5th Pwa Costa Brava Super X 2004
– 10th Freestyle Pwa Fuerteventura 2004
– 5th Wave PWA Gran Canaria and 9th Freestyle 2004
– 6th PWA Wave Overall Ranking 2004
– 13th PWA Freestyle Overall Ranking 2004
– 12th PWA Super X Overall Ranking 2004
– 1st Freestyle Toro Andaluz 2002 (Spain)/
– 13st Wave Pozo Izquierdo PWA /
– 15st Freestyle PWA Pozo Izquierdo, Spanien 2002
– Spanish Wave Champion 2001
– 2nd in Freestyle Europe IFCA Production 1999
– 2nd in Wave World IFCA Production 1999

Favourite spot:Almeria/Spain

Favourite maneuvre:360º in the wave and Double Forward

How I started:My father taught me when I was 5 years old and it was big fun straight away.

Best windsurfing day in my life:The last best day I remenber so far was last november in Chile with some friends.It was mast high wave,4.7 and the longest wave I´ve ever windsufed in my life…

My Goals:Same as every year, improve my level in all conditions getting new moves!
My Slogan:Improve my sailing as much as I can sail new spots around the world. So long – ride on…


Fanatic, NorthSails, Quiksilver, MFC, Shamal Sunglasses

faces (3 of 6)

1st PWA event Fuerteventura Freestyle 2003
2016 2nd Tenerife, 5th Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival
2015 7th overall wave, 3rd KIA Cold Hawaii, 9th NoveNove Aloha Classic
2014 ranked 4th overall PWA Wave, 3rd Gran Canaria PWA wave, 3rd La Torche, 3rd Starboard Severne Aloha Classic
2013 PWA Wave World Champion
1st 2013 Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup
2011 ranked 9th overall PWA Wave
2009 ranked 8th overall PWA Wave & 4th Freestyle
2008 ranked 2nd overall PWA Freestyle & 11th Wave
2007 Freestyle PWA World Champion, won Cabo Verde “Boards” Super session
2006 ranked 10th wave, 7th freestyle

Goya Windsurfing, ION, MFC

faces (6 of 6)

PWA Rookie of the Year 2008
1st PWA event Pozo 2006
2008 ranked 23rd overall wave after 2 events – Pozo 9th & 17th Sylt
2009 won 1st Place Pozo, that was my best day in life :o=)
2010 ranked 3rd overall PWA Wave
2011 Wave World Champion & 2011 youth world champion
2012 Wave World Champion & Wave Youth Champion
2013 ranked 6th overall PWA Wave
2014 1st Dunkerbeck Eyewear Siam Park – El Medano – Tenerife PWA World Cup, 5th 1st 2014 KIA COLD HAWAII PWA WORLD CUP, 2014 ranked 7th overall PWA Wave
2015 World Champion Wave, 1st place Pozo Gran Canaria, 3rd Tenerife, 1st KIA Cold Hawaii
2016 2nd Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, 3rd Tenerife

The young wave sailor, of German descent, lives just 100m from the beach in Gran Canaria.
Köster has already made himself known on the professional tour placing first in the junior super jump session at the PWA event in Pozo 2007.


Starboard, Severne Sails, Dakine, Red Bull, followfish, Maui Ultra Fins, VW


faces (2 of 6)

1st PWA event Pozo Gran Canaria Wave 2009

2015 ranked 16th overall PWA Wave
2nd Dunkerbeck Eyewear Expression Session – Tenerife PWA World Cup
2014 5th Gran Canaria PWA WAve
– 1st Spanish Championships Pozo Junior 2010 & 2011↵
– 17th PWA El Medano, Tenerife 2011↵
– 1st Spanish Championships El Medano Junior 2010↵
– 1st Festival de Vargas Men 2010↵
– 1st Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors↵
– 1st Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors Tenerife↵
– 1st Festival de Vargas 2009 Pro-Adults↵
– 2nd Spanish Championships 2009 Juniors Pozo↵
– 7th Spanish Championship 2009 Men Tenerife↵
– 9th Spanish Championship 2009 Men Pozo↵
– 2nd PWA Pozo Juniors 2008↵
– 1st Vargas Windsurf Festival 2008↵
– 3rd Spanish Wave Champs Juniors 2008↵
– 3rd Canarian Waveriders Juniors 2007↵
– 1st Canarian Waveriders Juniors 2006


Fanatic, NorthSails, ION, Choco Fins

faces (1 of 6)


1st PWA event entered Catalynya Costa Brava Salom 2013

2014 #1 PWA Gran Canaria Junior wave competition


Windsurfing Ambitions: I would like to become a professional windsurfer and to be fully dedicated to my sport and reach the highest result as possible (in slalom and wave).


99 NoveNove, Simmer Style, Maui Ultra Fins, Quopiam

Picture by me – Stats from PWAworldtour

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