PWAworldtour and ColdHawaii 2016 is teaming up

Thursday snaps from the PWAworldtour 2016 at ColdHawaii in Denmark.

Playing the waiting game, can be a hassle and what to do with no wind. Well at a sunny beach there is always something to do, right? Nevertheless getting pro’s in the zone to snap out of it, can be a difficult task. So first price in the SUP competition was a case of COLDHAWAII beer – very nice local beer by the way!

There is not many spectators, no or few journalists – if any only local guys. This only to give airtime back to sponsors.

But for an hour on this Thursday they were given something extraordinary. A team effort on BIG SUP.

I positioned myself so I could follow the competition from one spot only – yes I’m lacy! It got to be an impressive fight in the final – and a story about the importance of never giving up.

25 small glimpse of the BIG SUP Thursday through my eyes (camera) and then we really hope for some wind tomorrow.

klitmoller_torsdag-1-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-2-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-3-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-4-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-5-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-6-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-7-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-8-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-9-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-10-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-11-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-12-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-14-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-15-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-16-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-17-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-18-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-19-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-20-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-21-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-22-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-23-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-24-of-25 klitmoller_torsdag-25-of-25

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