High above just a normal Saturday

Introducing – Rasmus Riber



It’s really been a dry year when it comes to wind…and then again not! Really stocked to see all the riders putting on a show, every time they are out there. But I really love the autumn, not just because the wind picks up, but because the events are stacked and providing a great opportunity for me to meet new riders, follow new events and hopefully along the way improve skills so that I someday can master photography and get to be a preferred content provider for riders, brands and magazines – or at least that is a dream of mine.

This is really the season for all the new 2017 equipment to reach massmarket after the long road from research and development. The riders are busy these days receiving new stuff and eager to test the gear for the first time.

Rasmus Riber, sponsored by Northkiteboarding, received most of the gear some time ago but not until this Saturday did Rasmus really get the chance to test the 8 square meter kite in just the right conditions.

We managed to find a perfect spot, unknown to most and funny enough without mobile network…it sound exotic but in all fairness we were just 60-70 kilometer from the Danish capital!

All pumped and ready, Rasmus met the first wave full of anticipation and got caterpillared 15 meters strait up – hang time more than 7 seconds. For nearly 3 hours the scene was set for great action and actually gathered a small but totally stocked crowd.




kitesurfing kitesurfing


Rasmus himself should explain about the gear, but from behind the camera, it looked like a rad combination of power and control. Even in these conditions up wind was no hassle and downwind easy controllable. After the session Rasmus was full of positive vibes and expectations for the coming season.

In Rasmus’ own words about the new 2017 gear:

The Board – “Ripping slicks on this carbon monster is the best! The stiff low-rocker carbon construction of the North Kiteboarding Team Series board gives me max speed and max pop! The channels keep it on track.”

Wetsuit – “The new Onyx Select from ION is by far the warmeste wetsuit i ever had. From thigh to chest the inner lining is fluffy and warm. Legs and arms are super strechy. The corpus is provided with a glat skin taking all wind chill. I never had sessions like this in late Danish autumn!”

Trapez – “As I’m a tall guy, my back is better with strong support. This Apex harness from ION gives full support even though it’s still flexible enough to pull inverted wakestyle moves as well as steez grabs!”

kitesurfing kitesurfing kitesurfing kitesurfing kitesurfing kitesurfing

Up north we don’t have the same naturally beautiful color palet as can be expected longer south – everything is greyer up here some would say. But with willpower and a fist full of creativity Rasmus pulled some great and colorful stunts. Like literally flying out of the local harbor and performing BIG AIR above the forest tree line. I guess not one jump was under 10 meters, and a few was definitely kissing the 20 meter marker!

This was not just any Saturday, and I’m looking forward to the next epic Kitesurfing session.



Thank you Rasmus for inviting me to this awesome session – to me it looked like the North kite and board selection for 2017 really is ripping.


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