Gone Surfing for the first time, is really a BIG thing!

boy with a huge surfboard

Well it’s not entirely the truth but this is actually my first official coverage of a surf tour competition. Rest assured it’s not going to be the last one!

I volunteered as photographer – because the overall surf crowd is to small to get any professional focus and sponsors. So since my purpose with some of my photography is give back to the surfing at large. This donation seems small compared to what better content and broader coverage would do for the surfers and organisation that back them so eagerly.

These Guys are an awesome brunch, different from the windsurfers and kitesurfers in generel – to some extent they are ever so slidelig more cool. But hey the lifestyle is the same…yah… but you know, there is a special kind of spirit among them.

Even though the waves was only average at best they still managed to put on some spectacular elements of joy. The crowd loved every minute and they stayed on to the very last heat was final.

Key takeaway for me personally was the rad performance on long boarding. I really dig the coolness and slow movements – I have some much respect for the ability to make this kind of heavy duty balancing so much ballet.

Danish Surf and Rafting Organisation facilitate the tour with embrace all ages and gender. Junior league I took to heart, hint people on huge boards – simply awesome.

The gallery will develop over the coming week as the amount of material is huge – but just to tease a little here come the first batch.

These pictures are taken in Denmark – where would you go surf if you could choose for yourself?

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