KONA_ONE – Danish Championships 2018

Some time ago I did an interview with former World Champ Tim Aagesen on the past, present and future of windsurfing. Key Takeaway from this great interview was that windsurfing needs to be build from a broader platform – one where everybody is on the same equipment. In other words back to the roots of windsurfing with Tencate and Mistral classes just to name a few.

Because of this interview I decided to spend a weekend with the passionate bunch of girls and guys during the 2018 Danish Championship in the KONA_ONE Windsurfing class. And what a nice weekend it turned out to be!

It was great to see that passion, dedication and awesomeness. I was especially thrilled to experience the level of competition. I love the fact that there is room for everybody to participate and enjoyed the individual competition as much as the overall competition. I can still see the that everybody have something to improve on to boost you to the next level – start by training your turns around the maker…and then train it again – so much to win here! But having said that I really enjoyed the 8 starts…you were all so eager and ready!

But the best way to celebrate the words of Tim and everybody attending and facilitating the Kona One 2018 Danish Championships is perhaps the pictures. For me a weekend to remember! Guys thanks for having me! I hope you can enjoy the moments captured here.

ALL pictures by oddhunt.com – all rights reserved. Ask before you borrow my work! Only with a written authorisation are you allowed to use the pictures!

mail contact mr@oddhunt.com

Gallery form both Saturday and Sunday – I truly hope that most of you can find a picture of yourself and your crowd here. NO names on the pictures yet? – YES you are right! Sorry – I will try get names on most pictures by friday t.w.

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