Danish National Surf Camp – Lapoint Taghazout, Morocco

Wednesday Highlights 28.11

Early rise and first surf before 8…The photographer is back and the lose gun of the day! Everybody in the team put in the best efforts in the biggest conditions of the week. To get the most out of the waves they were caught far out of the reach of the man behind the camera, still the experience painted happy smiles the faces of everybody – even Coach Paulo managed a short session but enough to showcase how the waves should be ridden by a pro!

Credits Brian Engblad//Ilostawavein79.com



Taghazout Highlights All week






Tuesday Highlights 27.11

The notorious and experienced travel guide Christen made a take over on photography today – after less than 2 minutes of education and training. Thanks to him we will have pics from another day at the camp here in Taghazout, Morocco. And by the way – just a sidenote from me to all the parents at home. Your kids behave great down here thanks you guys – and for the good of Queen and country.

Monday Highlights 26.11

Was more or less a lay day – and the photographer (aka:me) is already down with the ever so famous Moroccan stomach fireworks! But here are a bunch of great great extras from yesterday 🙂


Sunday Highlights – 25.11

Arriving to Morocco – 24.11.2018


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