Duotone 2019 – kitesurfing program

Late October 2018 the Danish Duotone team riders and I spent a weekend testing and documenting the 2019 kite and board program from Duotone DK. This was a weekend in RAD conditions, something I really wanted to share for a long time – but rules are rules and we where not to leak any information on this before the start of the new season. And if you are not a p…. you have been out already this year! Hence it first presentation now.

It was a treat working with the boys and ONE important girl! They really delivered to the thrill of me and my camera! I’m not the right person to say, but the riders were stocked about the new gear and general performance.

I had a very memorable weekend, good company, great light and I only lost one camera body and one lens this weekend – which by the way killed my creativity totally hence ended the session – so unprofessional of me!!!

Kitesurfing is really growing on me and I hope that this weekend was the beginning of many to come!

As always I like to be close to the subject, to capture the concentration and emotions as well as the epic move.

Let me know what you think of the new DUOTONE gear 2019 and my work too 😉

As always remember to credit me if you borrow any of the captions.



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