Windsurfing Wave – first leg – Danish Championsship


I’m thrilled to see the youngsters and how they progress and really feel the passion for the sport. But what truly makes me happy is to see the social interaction between them – before, during and after competition.

Cadeau to the head judge for keeping a strict line – and the judges, for sitting in a warm environment with hot coffee and still managed to keep the head cold and focused. Glad that we train more people is scoring the competition – we all know that it’s a sustainable necessity.

The pictures tell a story about different conditions, fog on the lens and what have we – but not about the camera I dropped 😦

As always you are allowed to use the pictures on social – if somebody what to use them elsewhere – you need to contact me first and not before you have my written acceptance may they be used elsewhere.

On social remember to credit @ilostawavein79 every times you post my pictures.

To the organisation – DBO – Happy to see that you still manage to get motivated volunteers to help out – question is though whether it’s good enough to only have volunteers to develop the sport and wave category – I think not!

Last but not least – GREAT to see that sponsors still want to support windsurfing locally – I hope that some kind of kickback will find a path back to you all!

Thanks for having me around – see you’ll out there 🙂



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