Yellow just looks RAD on the water

Surfing, surflifestyle

Amazing conditions and while I’m appreciating the contender’s progress and performance

DSRF – 2nd leg of the 2019 DSRF Danish Surf championship.

I know what you’re thinking…can you really surf in Denmark – and the answer to the question is DIFFENATLY!

Early rise as always – before 6 actually! Driving from Klitmøller to the south side of the harbour in Vorupør – (the northern part of Denmark)

Skippers at 7 – everybody is there and since it’s not my first time, I’m regarded as one of the team which just make me proud. I might be the photographer, but I’m aloud in even before the bunch have brushed the teeth nor brushed the hair – actually they look like real nature folks, the best kind!

Conditions look good although it’s is a shore break – the guys are not too thrilled because it means tough conditions. I, on the other hand, are just thrilled, because the pictures just might get even more dramatic – and I never meet a surf photographer that did like a little thrill!

I turned out that the shortboard competition was first out – the waves were a little too messy and massive south of the harbour. And sadly (my mistake) I thought management decided not to go ahead with the longboard competition – but they did, they just moved the spot to the north side. Hence there is sadly no pictures from my hand of the 2nd leg of the longboard competition. Sorry about that!

Surfing, surflifestyle

Weather – well it speaks for itself on the pictures! Absolutely rad light (for the first time in competition in a loooong time)

There is still a film crew running around capturing the essence of the danish surf league and lifestyle – as well as following some of the best boy and girls individually. It’s a great opportunity for the organisation and sport in general. But far more important for the surfers, that highly needs to train this capability as most are total novices. But if you what to great pro then this is partly ‘how to’ make yourself a brand!

Pictures can as always be snapped by the surfers and DSRF – as long as you’ll remember to credit the photographer! (Credit:: Brian Engblad//

See you’ll in Hvide Sande to the third leg of this year in action –  until then take care and help keep the nature clean for the good of all!

Surfing, surflifestyle

Hope you enjoy the picture – and feel free to comment 😉


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