Windsurfing – Danish open 2. leg 2020

We are gathered to yet another windsurf competition in Klitmøller aka Coldhawaii. A possible 3 day windsurfing Danish Open Competition. Officially this is the second scheduled event of the year, but actually this was the first official leg of the year due to the covid-19 situation. Nevertheless great to be back to follow the competition and social gathering – you could say that this was just your usual weekend with the usual team of passionate surfers. But during Danish Open they are here to compete. The judges are ready to judge and the rules are simple but fair.

I do this event mostly to follow the young ones – although they are not as young as they use to be, but just as dedicated as always. Parents are cheering and giving a little too generous helping hand – but hey, that’s what’s parents do… in 2020!!

As always your are allowed to use the pic – just remember to credit me! If you forget, I forget to take pictures of you ;-). You are allowed to use the pictures on your own SoMe platforms. 3. party use needs my written authorisation.

All the pictures below will only be up here until Friday – then I’ll do the curation necessary
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