Surfing – the last event of the year

Surfing Coldhawaii

The last surfing event of the year aka DSRF 2020 3rd event

Back at the beach loaded with high hopes for another great event – and again it turned out to be a back to back weekend with more attendees than ever before. Great for Surfing and the community.

The conditions looked really promising and I believe that everyone was psyched up to deliver on their own expectations. Saturday delivered relatively okay conditions although very close to the beach which of course always tent to give short performances in the waves, in all fairness, I counted several heats with 4-6 elements per wave which is not half bad!

Surfing Klitmøller

This time around I had the drone up. Mostly to practise because it’s still new to me taking this kind of imagery. It would be so much easier to do video! But that’s not my thing!
I have thought about the pictures going forward – I’ll still deliver a bucket full just after the events. But during the winter season I will decide which pictures to edit for real and only they will stay on the blog, this way both you and I easily can reuse the pictures – and I’ll have a cooler presentation on the blog beneficial for all interesting in you or my work in general. But hence I don’t communicate much new stuff during the winter season on the blog, it’s important that you follow me on Instagram because here only I’ll communicate that stuff have been upgraded on the blog. Or else I off course urge you to visit the blog regularly – which I would be glad if you did anyway. 

Furthermore, I have decided to do even more – and I have an idea that I’ll pitch to Simon // DSRF soon. This just to tease your interest. 

On the beach all weekend I’d realized that’s it’s only very few conversations I participate in – there is lots of gestures and smiles! But don’t worry I’m not dangerous and don’t be afraid to come to talk to me about the pictures you wished you had of yourself, maybe we can do something about that!

Last thing from me – An advice from an old guy who knows little more than most about behaviour. So many people contribute with pictures while you are out on the water. I urge you to be more graceful when you mention the photographer in the text that follows the image on Instagram. Think about the photographer – any photographer – as a gracious sponsor! Without the pictures, you might not get the Social attention you wish for nor the ability to supply your sponsors with good images! Remember that the photographer is getting his or her butt out of bed as early as you, stay on the beach all day, full of enthusiasm just like you but with super fragile and dead expensive equipment! So next time – every time – you tell who took the picture perhaps you could celebrate the photographer general achievements, tell more about the photographer or at least urge people to give him or her a quick follow! Enough said – please comment on this matter or if you have an even better idea pls share that here below.

Limited editing since the number of pictures – in total for the weekend +700 pictures will be uploaded here!

Remember to say Hi in the comments, that way I know that you visited 😉

As always your are allowed to use the pic – just remember to credit me! If you forget, I forget to take pictures of you ;-). You are allowed to use the pictures on your own SoMe platforms. 3. party use needs my written authorisation.

Saturdays Surfing – Longboard and Junior shortboard competitions (in reverse order)