Longboard Stocked 3.21

Surfing in Denmark

DSRF 3rd stop 2021

Surfing in Denmark

DSRF 3rd stop 2021

Dear all soul surfers aka long boarders…

Last weekend we were all back at the beach – from what I could see through the fog conditions were not half bad! Sad about the short board competition though! I cross my fingers and hope y’all short boarders get the change this coming weekend. If I only could have joined, but I have fashionable obligations behind the camera.

Remember that I will draw a winner at the last event of the year – a full day with me and my camera, talked about how to be you own brand and getting sponsored. We’ll also touch on how to improve you game on social media without getting butt necked to up you followers and reach. Last but not least we need to take a bunch of pictures!

That said back to this weeks event – no excuses about the fog! But even my dead expensive gear did not managed to cut through the thick fog in the morning hours especially!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend I certainly did! Again thx to DSRF and the team of volunteers to keep at it – and the Fredmeister for making every moment and movement count.

Leave a comment if you visit 😉 – and remember to credit me if you borrow any pictures!

Remember that the more heat you participated in surely the more pictures you’ll find. If you didn’t find an image of yourself perhaps try to look on the DSRF Flickr page – I’ll upload extra pictures there later.

Real live view on a foggy Saturday

See you soon out there!

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  1. Great Pictures!


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