DSRF 2022 SURF Tour #1

The Surf Tour 2022 is back and it’s swell 😉

Surfing in Denmark in 2022 is more popular than ever and then amount of free surfers is picking up day to day. It seems like everybody in the building community have found the vibe. They all where recruited in one of only a few towns near the costline – one with an active surf community but more important skilled coaches and training programs suited for everybody. First stop on the DSRF Surf Tour this year stopped at the Westcost. We enjoyed good times at Break in Nr. VorupĂžr and the surfing (longboard and shortboard) took place in KlitmĂžller – to a few – Coldhawaii! 

First stop on the danish surf tour went down just this weekend. It was perhaps not the wildest conditions – but that’s what competition also is all about! It’s kinda like in tennis, you don’t just play a crazy cool forehand game! You need more to stay in the game!

That said I really don’t understand all the devastation – it was time go surfing!!! What’s not to like?

that is what happens when I’m standing on the beach
I see everything 😉

Okay enough talking about a great weekend on the water and our visits to Break.

No doubt this time around I took so many pictures of only a few – sorry if you can’t find yourself. The lens sometimes decide on my behalf who to aim at, and most of the time it’s because they tried harder or something
So yeah there are more pics here of Tilde, Katinka and Finn than of anybody else, I’ll try to catch more of you all during the season.

Remember that you can use these pics for social media use only and 3rd party use is not licensed without me written authorisation. Also always remember to phone credit me – Brian // ilostawavein79.com.

Sea you soon 🙂

click on the pics to see them in a larger format

And the winners are….

And then to the ACTION… Looooong board!!

Shortboard Sunday

Love this shot because of the unsharp rider…

all in all 418 pictures – if you have 2 seconds, remember to say ‘HI’ in the comments 🙂

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