Wave performance and motivation

DSRF 2022 – 2nd. Tourstop – Vorupør

Again thank you for bringing all that motivation to the beach. It made my day! Uncle is HAPPY 😉

At the very bottom you will find my best picture of the day 🙂

Remember to credit me, wherever you put up your updates.

This time the peer made it possible to have a different angle to the action. I even managed to bank some bottom turns which is nearly impossible when standing on the beach. That said, please let me know if there is some kind to picture or angle that you wish was in the bundle – otherwise it’s turning into a standard package, which I would hate!

There is just about 500 pictures here and far to many – but I hope you can find some of yourself. Perhaps even a small series. 

Comments below is highly appreciated  

Remember that I before the summer holiday, will start to clean up the feed and all blogs. So only the best pictures will best action will survive my curation. This means that you might want to take an extra look and download pictures soon.

Last but not least – quite a few of you have asked me, if it’s possible to buy a print of one or more pictures. The answer is yes! I do A3 prints – the price is 150,00 DKK per print. 

Enough said

Venue pictures first

Longboard is up next…

Shortboard is up next