Danish Open Wave #1 2022

On the flipside of the Danish Open last autumn it was actually nice to have some sun and warm conditions – but I must admit that I would have loved some hard conditions and epic moments. Instead I found myself on the beach to take pictures on Technical SUP and surfing – I didn’t expect that!

But the social bit of everything I really like, and for that reason alone it’s common sense to participate, even in photographical disciplines that I normally leave to others 😉

You can use the pictures for SoMe purpose only and remember to credit me – every time pls. – photo credit:: Brian Engblad // Ilostawavein79.com

It might take a while for the pictures to upload they are quite large

I really look forward to see you all in the autumn 2022

Oh by the way, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the annual magazine Æloha from Westwind, do so! They have in total 8 pages from Danish Open Autumn 2021 – you just might be featured!

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