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I DID loose a wave!

Worldcup on Sylt, Germany – semifinal – slalom race. Conditions were perfect and for the first time ever all the training clicked in and I was leading the field of 8 chasing the last outside marker. I was ahead by more than five length. You want to turn on the edge of a wave it is by far the quickest way without loosing any speed. You can control training and gear but the rest is out of your hands. That goes especially when it comes to the wind, sea and waves – and when I reached the marker the water was absolutely flat. No power jibe meant that my turn was bigger and a lot slower than the blazing field of surfers behind me. One second with a foot in the final next…well let’s just say I came in as a very unhappy number five.

The thing is that I know how my career went after, but what if I had turned on one final perfect wave… well I didn’t but at least it gave me the perfect name for my blog.

Me – and surfing in general

Many years back I was part of the worldwide circus, but not anymore! I was no near top 10 in the world, not even here in Denmark. Already then the sport was cool and competition rather tuff.

Even now many years later I still consider myself a surfer, even though my skills is nothing compared to the present competition.

Ones you come across a surfers lifestyle in general, you don’t need anything else really! So I stayed true to the lifestyle and consider myself part of the old crowd, but today I enjoy the cool stunts through the lens of my camera.

Back then only few photographers traveled with the circus. We had to take most pictures ourselves, but who honestly want to stand on the beach taking pictures of friends and competition when the surf and wind was perfect – only very few!

I hope to let my lens catch the moves and jumps, but also to talk to people behind the sport about reason, gear and lifestyle.

ALL pictures by oddhunt.com – all rights reserved. Ask before you borrow my work! Only with a written acceptance are you allowed to use the pictures!

mail contact mr@oddhunt.com

One response to “about”

  1. Hans-Henrik Falck

    En fornøjelse at møde dig i dag ved havet i Liseleje. – og ja, det er min søn Philip Falck på billederne.

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